From: Tom Gustafson
Sent: Wednesday, November 07, 2012 5:25 PM
To: Supporters and Friends
Subject: Florida House District 89 - Thank you for your support!

Yesterday, I lost a race seeking election to the Florida House District 89.

Not counting school elections at Nova High School and University of Florida, I lost my first race for elective office in 1974 and I can tell you that it never feels as good as when you win.

This time, however, it was a little different.

It was not just an effort to win the election that drove me onward, I wanted to also convey that there was a bipartisan way forward that would grow the economy and build prosperous communities in South Florida.

To have that conversation, l committed myself to a walk of the district from Boca Raton northward to Singer Island and then to return again to Boca Raton from Downtown West Palm Beach – a northbound walk on AIA along the Atlantic Ocean from the southern boundary line of Boca Raton though the barrier island communities to the northern city limits of Riviera Beach on Singer Island and a southbound walk from downtown West Palm Beach through the mainland neighborhoods to the southern city limits of Boca Raton along US 1 and other north/south roadways near the Lake Worth Lagoon.

I hoped in this way to meet residents who lived in the newly created legislative district and to talk with them about the issues that we all need to face and about the problems we all need to solve. As I reflect on what was achieved in the conversation, this race was not a loss. As we walked and talked, I believe we all won.

I complete my walk of the district today beginning at 5:30 PM (walking from Mizner Park to the south boundary line of Boca Raton on US1). I do not expect anyone to join me, but if you go to you can watch it in real time. If you look at the website, you will notice that the conversation can continue by just deciding that you want it to continue.

Thanks for all your friendship and your involvement in the election of our leaders for the Nation, states and local communities.

I hope that if we see each other on the street, we can greet one another as friends and fellow Americans who reside in the great state of Florida.  

Thank you.

Tom Gustafson, Candidate
Florida House of Representatives
District 89